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Cascade Downstream Workshop on Convection Modelling

The Cascade Downstream Workshop on Convection Modelling took place from 7-8 October 2014 at the University of Reading. The meeting focused on recent and planned research involving the "Cascade" project framework (using large-domain simulations at convection-permitting resolutions to learn more about convection across scales and improve model parameterisations). There was a particular focus on planning future directions and collaborations.

The meeting began with some overview of past and present Cascade work, particularly with a goal of making connections across different studies and research groups. There were also talks on current and planned work that is related to Cascade but not part of it, such as work on the Indian Monsoon, tropical cyclone simulations, work on extratropical convection in both weather and climate contexts, global explicit convection runs, aggregation studies, international research programmes, and model development plans. These were followed by break-out group discussions and large-group discussions of future work, collaborations, and challenges.

The agenda below contains links to a number of meeting presentations.

Cascade Downstream agenda including links to presentations (PDF, 85KB)

Report from the Cascade Downstream meeting (PDF, 220KB)