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Understanding and Representing Atmospheric Convection Across Scales

Agenda of meeting

28-30 January 2013
Dartington Hall, Devon, UK

Report from the Dartington meeting (PDF, 211KB)
This report will form the draft of a meeting report that will be submitted to ASL.

Flyer for this meeting (PDF, 55KB)

Monday 28 January

Plenary 1: Global and Regional Modelling for Weather and Climate Extremes

Chair: Leo Donner

13:00 - Jon Petch - Goals of the joint sessions

13:15 - Doug Parker - Forecasting convection in West Africa (PDF, 8·6MB)

13:45 - Dave Randall - The unreasonable effectiveness of super-parameterization in the meteorological sciences (PDF, 9·7MB)

14:15 - Stuart Webster - Regional modelling of high impact convective systems (PDF, 3·2MB)

14:45 - Tianjun Zhou - Challenges of climate models in the simulation of East Asian summer monsoon (PDF, 16·7MB)

Plenary 2: Challenges in Observing and Modelling Clouds and Convection at Global and Regional Scales

Chair: George Craig

15:45 - Leo Donner - Convective Organization, Scale, and Parameterization in General Circulation Models (PDF, 6·2MB)

16:15 - Paul Roebber - Deep convection as an emergent property of the atmosphere

16:45 - Malcolm Roberts & Pier Luigi Vidale - Global modelling at pretty high resolution (PDF, 8·9MB)

17:15 - Nick Klingaman - Improving the MJO in the Hadley Centre model: Why coupling matters (sometimes) (PDF, 9·1MB)

Tuesday 29 January

Plenary 3: Improving the Prediction of Floods and Droughts - What do we need from our observing and modelling systems now and in the future

Chair: Tianjun Zhou

09:00 - Zong-Liang Yang & Rong Fu - Convection, land surface and modeling climate extremes (PDF, 4·5MB)

09:30 - Zhuguo Ma - Global and regional drying trend during the latter half of the 20th century

10:00 - Jean-Philippe Lafore - Improving the representation of convection over Africa for semi-arid conditions (PDF, 12·2MB)

Moist Convection at Grey-Zone Resolutions

Chair: Jean-Philippe Lafore

11:00 - Bob Plant - Parameterization in the grey zone: what should it recognize? (PDF, 393KB)

11:20 - Kirsty Hanley - DYMECS: Dynamical and Microphysical Evolution of Convective Storms (PDF, 2MB)

11:40 - Peter Bechtold & Noureddine Semane - Convection on full and small planets (PDF, 2·1MB)

12:00 - George Craig - Resolution and scale dependence of precipitation using a stochastic convection scheme (PDF, 3·7MB)

12:20 - Glenn Shutts - The representation of convection uncertainty in operational ensemble prediction systems and climate models (PDF, 371KB)

12:40 - Till Wagner - Global modelling of convection aerosol interaction

Synoptic-Mesoscale Coupling of Moist Convection

Chair: David Schultz

14:00 - Christoph Gatzen - Derechos in Central Europe (PDF, 1·4MB)

14:20 - Luis Garcia-Carreras - Impact of mesoscale surface features on rainfall (PDF, 10·4MB)

14:40 - Andrew Barrett - Synoptic versus orographic control on stationary convective banding (PDF, 6·1MB)

Parametrizations for Convection and the Grey-Zone

Chair: Peter Bechtold

15:45 - John Marsham - Deep convection as a governor of the West African Monsoon (PDF, 4·1MB)

16:10 - Georgios Matheou - Sub-grid scheme development for high resolution models

16:35 - Adrian Lock - Representing boundary layers in the grey zone (PDF, 3·2MB)

17:00-17:25 - Alison Stirling - Convective parametrization at the Met Office (PDF, 1·5MB)