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UK Earth System Model (UKESM)

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Download the UKESM Project leaflet (PDF, 740KB)

UKESM logoUKESM is a JWCRP NERC/Met Office collaboration, pooling expertise and resources around a common Earth system model development and evaluation effort. UKESM has two overriding objectives:

  • To develop and apply a world-leading Earth system model.

  • To grow a community of UK ESM scientists.

UKESM has a core team, funded equally by NERC and the Met Office and builds on other projects developing component models in the UK modelling community.

The project will run from 2013-2021 and will deliver the first version of the model, UKESM1, which will be used for the UK's ESM contribution to the next international coupled model intercomparison project (CMIP6).

There will be two resolutions of UKESM1:

  • UKESM1-hr: N216 atmosphere (~65km), 1/4 degree ocean (~20km)

  • UKESM1-lr: N96 atmosphere (~130km), 1 degree ocean (~80km)

The renewed UKESM Long Term Science Multi-centre (LTSM) project is now formed by the MetOffice plus 8 NERC centres: NCAS, BAS, BGS, CEH, CPOM, NCEO, NOC and PML.

Met Office and 8 NERC centre logos

For more information, please see the UKESM website.