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UKESM core development team

The core group is responsible for putting together the component models, applying and (with the wider community) evaluating UKESM. We are:

  • Project Head: Colin Jones (NERC/NCAS)
  • Science Manager: Alistair Sellar (Met Office Haley Centre)
  • Technical Manager: Jeremy Walton (Met Office Haley Centre)
  • Aerosol-clouds-radiation: Jane Mulcahy (Met Office Haley Centre)
  • Aerosol-clouds-radiation: Steve Rumbold (NCAS)
  • Dust-radiation-vegetation: Stephanie Woodward (Met Office Haley Centre)
  • Land / vegetation: Rich Ellis (CEH)
  • Land / vegetation: Douglas Kelley (CEH)
  • Ocean biogeochemistry: Julien Palmieri (NOC)
  • Ocean biogeochemistry: Lee de Mora (PML)
  • Ocean biogeochemistry: Andrew Yool (NOC)
  • Ice-sheets: Robin Smith (NCAS)
  • Ice-sheets: Anthony Siahaan (BAS)
  • Atmospheric chemistry: Colin Johnson (Met Office Hadley Centre)
  • Low resolution configuration manager: Till Kuhlbrodt (NCAS)
  • High resolution configuration manager: Yongming Tang (Met Office Hadley Centre)
  • Coupling and optimisation: Marc Stringer (NCAS)
  • Coupling and optimisation: Richard Hill (Met Office Hadley Centre)
  • Data management: Tim Bradshaw (Met Office Hadley Centre)
  • Earth observation data: Robert Parker (NCEO)
  • Project management: Alberto Muñoz (NCAS)
  • Evaluation software: Valeriu Predoi (NCAS)

Please contact one of us if you'd like any more information about any part of UKESM.