Joint Weather and Climate Research Programme
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Research Activity

The JWCRP supports a range of reseach projects and underpinning research activites. Central to all these projects is the requirement for close collaboration between the Met Office and NERC academic community.

Research Projects

  • The UK Earth System Model (UKESM) project will develop and evaluate the next generation of UK Earth System model.
  • The GungHo (Globally Uniform Next Generation Highly Optimised) project aims to research, design and develop a new dynamical core suitable for operational, global and regional, weather and climate simulation on massively parallel computers of the size envisaged over the coming 20 years.
  • The UK Environmental Prediction (UKEP) project is developing a tool which integrates existing national-scale high resolution environmental prediction capabilities to provide useful predictions of weather impacts.
  • The High Resolution Implementation Group oversees the collaborative development of high resolution climate models required to provide society with accurate and reliable predictions of regional climate change,
  • Underpinning Research

  • The UK Chemistry and Aerosol (UKCA) project aims to develop, evaluate and make available a new UK community atmospheric chemistry-aerosol global model suitable for a range of topics in climate and environmental change research.
  • The Joint Ocean Modelling Programme (JOMP) coordinates work at the Met Office and NERC on a common global ocean model.
  • The Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES) project oversees the development and evaluation of the JULES land surface model.
  • The Joint Coastal Ocean Modelling Programme (JCOMP) coordinates work at the Met Office and NOC on coastal-ocean models.
  • The JSIMP (Joint Sea Ice Modelling Programme) aims to provide UK users with the best possible configurations and physics of a common sea ice model.