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High Resolution Implementation Group (HiRIG)

Aim: The High Resolution Implementation Group study the role of model resolution on global climate process representation, in order to better understand present-day climate variability and implications for the future climate projections. We use global models of the atmosphere, land, sea-ice and ocean.

Why we are doing it: Advances in supercomputing power allow models of the atmosphere to be run over long (climate) time-scales at a fine enough resolution to resolve weather patterns. Small-scale features in the atmosphere, ocean and the land surface can have a significant impact on the local weather and climate as well as influencing large-scale processes. Understanding how well our models capture both local and large-scale processes and how these are influenced by a changing climate, allows us to prioritise future model development (to contrast with Earth system complexity, larger ensemble sizes and initialised simulations) and gives further insight into climate projections.

Partners: National Centre for Atmospheric Science - NCAS-Climate, Met Office, National Oceanography Centre

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Project Leads: Pier Luigi Vidale, NCAS-Climate; Malcolm Roberts, Met Office

The HiRIG are leading the Horizon 2020 funded project, PRIMAVERA, and were previously working on the UPSCALE project. The HiRIG collaboration uses the MONSooN computing facility to run the Met Office Unified Model and NEMO at high resolution in order to study the climate.