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Joint Marine Modelling Programme (JMMP)

The Joint Marine Modelling Programme (JMMP) coordinates work at the Met Office and NERC on the development and evaluation of configurations of the global ocean, sea ice and north-west shelf using the NEMO model.

JMMP is responsible for providing world-class and easily accessible national capability modelling infrastructure and configurations to support the UK's scientific research and operational prediction systems for ocean, weather and climate. This includes operational oceanography, coupled NWP, monthly to decadal forecasting and climate projections.

JMMP is led by a management group whose members represent the Met Office, National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and is overseen by a governance group who can allocate resources to JMMP.

JMMP has an underpinning programme of configuration development and provides support on scientific and technical issues to end users of the ocean configurations via a core team of staff. Other work at the Met Office, NOC and BAS also contributes to the JMMP ocean model configurations.

Existing configurations include the global ocean configuration (GO6) at nominal 1, 1/4 and 1/12 degree resolution and the NW shelf configuration at 7km (CO5/6) and 1·5km (CO7).

To enable the wider research community to make use of the global ocean and shelf configurations, support in running the model configurations and access to the model output is available by contacting JMMP. Users are asked to cite the relevant reference papers and include the following acknowledgement: "The authors acknowledge the JWCRP Joint Marine Modelling Programme for providing support and access to model configurations and output."

For further details, please contact Helene Hewitt.


Helene Hewitt
Head of JMMP
Met Office


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