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Joint Sea Ice Modelling Programme (JSIMP)

JSIMP is a collaboration between the Met Office, CPOM, NOC and BAS, which aims to provide UK users with the best possible configurations and physics of the sea ice model CICE updated on a regular basis.

JSIMP is currently co-chaired by Ed Blockley (Met Office) and Danny Feltham (CPOM, Reading). The broad roles of each partner are as follows:

  • CPOM: CICE physics pull-through which includes configuration and analysis of standalone version of CICE, as well as input to analysis of other configurations.

  • NOC: Lead on NEMO-CICE analysis and coupling to NEMO.

  • BAS: Analyses of ESM1, HadGEM3 and NEMO-CICE and investigation of model configurations and forcing required to realistically simulate Antarctic sea ice.

  • Met Office: Coupled model configuration including upgrades and testing. Coupling of sea ice to atmosphere and associated physics. Coupled model analysis.


Ed Blockley
Met Office

Danny Feltham
University of Reading